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Frequently Asked Questions

My Loved one just died, what now? 

We are so sorry for your loss. We are here to help. Once we are contacted, we can start the process of getting your loved one into our care. We can arrange their transfer to one of our direct to cremation centres. Pick up from a home will need to be within a few hours, where as a hostipal may take a bit longer as they have onsite facilities to keep them there. We can then assist with the planning of the service. We will arrange a time to meet either in person or over the phone/zoom if that is preferred. We will want to know about your loved so we can offer some suggestions for a lovely service for them. 

What is the difference between your service and a Funeral Home? 

The main difference is we offer services in venues/outside. We source venues that represent your loved one. It is more of a memorial style then a structed funeral service. Although the run through is very similar, we try to keep the style relaxed. With no formal introduction or exits for the celebrant. We suggest no coffin onsite to help create a calm space, but your more then welcome to still request it. Ashes are the same, but we do find these less confronting. Our service is also ran by one of our friendly celebrants that will do your loved one proud. 

Can We Have the Coffin onsite? 

Our style of service is very relaxed. We do reccomend not having the coffin onsite to assist with creating a calm space. But if this is something you want, we can defiantly accommodate with your funeral director

Does your cremation service include a death certificate?

Yes they do

Can we choose the style or flowers and design of the booklets?

Yes defiantly! We work with you to help reflect your loved one in every aspect. 

I see you have an all inclusive package. Is this customisable? 

Yes we can customise your package, If there is a venue or florist you would prefer to use then we can remove this cost from our package for you. 

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