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How Did Meaningful Memorials Come About? 

Our Co-Founder Emma, lost one of her best friends tragically at the young age of 30. The Family asked a few of her close friends to assist with planning her service. An unimaginable time for all. They didn't want the classic funeral home service. It wasn't her. Ella was a bright, happy, beautiful young women. They wanted the service to represent the beautiful person she was and life that she lived. Our other Co-Founder, Danielle was contacted to conduct the service. Hand picked due to her kind and nurturing nature. A hard service to deliver, but she knew she wanted to give Ella the sendoff she deserved. 

Together Emma & Danielle have now created Meaningful Memorials, A company based on the Mornington Peninsula here to help create unique and special memorial services for those loved ones that a typical funeral service wouldn't do justice. 


Emma Robinson


With over 13+ years of experience in the event industry, Emma brings a calming aura to the meaningful memorials services. Her expertise and compassionate approach are evident from the moment you speak with her, ensuring that every detail is handled with care and sensitivity. Trust Emma to create a truly heartfelt and memorable tribute for your loved one.

Danielle Rinon


5+ years of experience as a celebrant, Danielle has crafted over 300+ ceremony services, each one filled with meaning and heartfelt moments. Coordinating and arranging services comes second nature to her, as she effortlessly ensures that every detail is thoughtfully considered. Trust Danielle to create a truly memorable and meaningful memorial that honours your loved one's life with grace and compassion.

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